Global Outsourcing & Vendor Selection


On the surface, most call center companies may appear similar, regardless of their location. Today, you must have someone with in-depth industry knowledge and experience to properly identify the best firm to insure the results you expect. Today’s vendors gear their services towards specific applications, some specializing in mostly inbound care support while others provide sales focused services.  Thus, matching your call center needs with the appropriate vendor having requisite experience and proven results in your area of need is the key to your successful programs.  ZMAXINC has an indisputable reputation of only working with the top performing and most competitive call center service vendors in the world. Allow ZMAXINC to custom fit your application.

ZMAXINC has selected a group of top service providers across all deliverables to bring a complete range of call center capabilities for any type of consumer contact requirement you may have.  ZMAXINC provides an objective analysis of your outsourcing needs, develops proposals, targets the right outsource partner, and manages the implementation with your vendor partner.  Regardless of the size or scope of your project – business-to-business, business-to-consumer, national or international – ZMAXINC can find the perfect solution quickly and cost effectively. Our resource partners cover the full spectrum of service, live agent inbound/outbound requirements, tech 1-3, program development, back office services, fulfillment, automated IVR and speech capability and full-social media support services.

ZMAXINC has designed a proven selection process for choosing the best call center to match the specific needs of each of our customers’ programs.   ZMAXINC maintains comprehensive industry relations with proven contact center firms who cater to specific applications and target special industry segments.  These companies are proven leaders in their offerings of inbound and outbound programs with domestic sites as well as numerous site locations worldwide.   ZMAXINC has a complete understanding of the real needs of each customer’s requirements and will conduct due-diligence program with each qualified call center vendor. ZMAXINC works with its clients to properly select the correct vendor based on the best match in capability, related program experience, competitive pricing and the desire to be an effective call center partner.      

ZMAXINC conducts a solid call center assessment program that quickly and efficiency identifies the right solution which offers its customers the greatest probability of having successful programs.