Prospect Targeting and Customer Building Programs


Having reliable customer data is worth its weight in “sales”.  Knowing your customer, building comprehensive data streams and mining for targeted prospects through selected consumer characteristics and profiles will enhance the results of any marketing effort.  ZMAXINC offers a branded marketing enhancement process, RADIUSreach, a complete customer identification service, created to identify targeted prospects within the retail industry. The RADIUS program wins over non-shoppers based on demographic modeling techniques and high propensity to buy programs established with our retail store clients.  These enhanced database and targeting capabilities teamed with our effective direct marketing programs will enable you to find a quicker, more cost effective way to reach your prospects and customers.  

Using reliable marketing tools for building and establishing new program ventures, our new consumer prospect lead generation program works in identifying the right consumers ready to act on your selected store promotion.  Let this proven Radius Marketing program bring only the most highly interested and qualified non-shoppers to your door.


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