ZMAXINC offers a complete range of services to support today’s customer contact needs. Whether conducting the selection of the right call center vendor for your program, conducting comprehensive diagnostics of your operation, to establishing new sales and branding programs to build your customer base. Our team of professionals, supported by our “Best N Class” global vendor network, highly experience and proven team of consultants and proven successful branded marketing programs, brings strategic vision as well as practical insight into proper the business solution. With our global network of partner companies located in Canada, China, Japan, The Philippines, Western and Eastern Europe, and Latin America along with our long running strength in the US market, ZMAXINC has the exact resources you need.

ZMAXINC brings our US-based management team of domain experts, process specialists and software architects to work on your requirements. ZMAXINC also taps its proven talent pool to ensure that you have the right people working on your project. Our historical success in marketing and new product branding supported by recognized leaders in the retail industry are ready to win new customers for your business.