Productivity Enrichment Consulting         

Many companies with in-house customer contact centers and customer care groups struggle with how to manage these teams effectively, and are always looking for areas of agent and process enrichment. Management needs to know the bottom-line results in order to show the expected ROI and plan for proper growth. A manufacturing company, for example, may know its core business well but may not have the experience or expertise to develop efficient and productive call center practices. Are your customer retention rates acceptable? What about your service levels, How satisfied are your customers with their call experience?  Are you closing more sales?  ZMAXINC offers a call center consultative product called siteNostix.  Our beta lab model called Lab3sixty provides a comprehensive analysis of your operation with the focus to reach new higher results with every call and customer experience.  siteNostix, along with it’s professional training staff will execute and enhance all areas of call center production including: agent proficiency, quality measurement, knowledge sharing, process design enrichment, floor attitude and agent behavioral patterns, skills enrichment, and sale awareness opportunities.  siteNostix, a new dimension for getting the most out of your call center production, was created to answer the needs of companies working to get more out of each phone call. 


To learn more about the siteNostix product and how we can enrich your call center production, please click here to view our Power Point Presentation.