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ZMAXINC, a global contact services firm and direct marketing company, has the resources and experience needed to build, support and enhance your customer service operations. We also develop effective marketing programs geared to winning new customers. ZMAXINC has just the right vendor partner ready to go, with over 20 plus years of vendor placement for domestic needs, near-shore locations and new global coverage areas including China, Asia as well as Western and Eastern European counties.  ZMAXINC also provides consulting and marketing programs for many of today’s top companies to improve existing in-house performance, introduce new marketing strategy and identify the best resources to manage and grow your business


ZMAXINC offers a complete range of consultative services to support today’s customer contact center needs. Powered by our product, siteNostix, is a comprehensive operational review practice.  We offer today’s savvy and searching companies enhancements and measurable savings to improve their call center operations. Our team of professionals, supported by our “Lab3sixty,” conducts a complete operational diagnostics of your call center production and daily practice procedures. We partner with management to build an effective strategic program to enrich your productivity.  SiteNostix provides a unique study that utilizes a slice of production to measure every component of your program.  This ensures you maximize the value of every dollar spent to satisfy your customer experience.



Having reliable customer data is worth its weight in “sales”.  Knowing your customer, building comprehensive data streams and mining for targeted prospects through selected consumer characteristics and profiles will enhance the results of any marketing effort.  ZMAXINC offers a branded marketing enhancement process, RADIUSreach, a complete customer identification service, created to identify targeted prospects within the retail industry. The RADIUS program wins over non-shoppers based on demographic modeling techniques and high propensity to buy programs established with our retail store clients.



ZMAXINC is a global business organization that provides worldwide customer contact center outsourcing, operational consulting practices, and various marketing and branding products.  ZMAXINC is backed with over 30 years of senior executive history, founded by CEO, Bill Davis.  Bill has proven experience in supporting today’s global, sophisticated, customer contact needs.  Bill has represented numerous clients for all aspects of customer contact support, placed thousands of outsourced seats worldwide, provided several applications and consultative services related to internal growth and expansion as well as new product introduction and marketing channel enhancement within the consumer retail industry.  Bill’s proven skills in creative marketing, competitive pricing, global vendor knowledge and cost analysis have become respected as “go-to-person” for developing direct and indirect operations to optimize overall team performance and achieve organizational goals and success.


Bill Davis, Owner & CEO

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Sun Valley, Idaho 83353


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